What you get with Higheo?

Every Higheo Plan Comes Power Packed with Features. Take a look at them. If you need more, just get in touch with us.

Incredibly Fast Websites

Each of our plans come with full optimization. We’ll ensure your website is completely optimized and loads in a jiffy.

Managed Core Updates

WordPress releases period updates to it’s core. Updating blindly, could lead to sites breaking. We test an update first, ensure everything is working, then update your site.

Abandoned/Orphan Plugin Detection

Often times, a plugin developer will stop developing their plugin. If your site continues to use these, it may lead to issues as WordPress updates. We help you find updated replacements and implement them on your site.

Advanced Reporting

Get a beautiful PDF emailed to you every month that includes everything we’ve done, along with salient information on your site. (Depends on Plan)

WooCommerce Support

Running a WordPress eCommerce Shop powered by WooCommerce? We can help you optimize it, answer your questions on every functionality. Help you in adding/removing products or customizing features.

Malware Removal

Your site infected by Malware? We’ll recover it. We don’t just run a scan and call it a day. We establish the site on a new wordpress core and ensure everything is clean.

Daily Cloud Backups

We’ll backup your site to the cloud in a secure location every day (depending on your plan). If your server crashes, gets hacked or for any other emergency – we’ll restore your backup at no cost to you.

Managed Plugin/Theme Updates

Similar to the WordPress Core, updating themes and plugins blindly could lead to some features on your site not working. We test everything, and only then proceed to update.

24/7 Security Monitoring (Sucuri)

WordPress powers half the internet. So it’s no surprise that it’s also the most hacked web software out there. We continuously monitor your sites using Sucuri (which is a brand synonymous with WordPress Sucuri)

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Sites and servers can go down. And this impacts business. Our systems will continuously monitor your site and notifies us the moment it goes down.

Custom Job Discounts

Need Custom Development Work done on your site? Get as much as 50% discount on our quotes, if you’re a customer. From custom themes to custom plugins, we can help you with everything.

12 Hour Resolution

We have a record of closing almost all tickets within 12 hours. That is from your first email to resolution. So far it remains unbroken.