WordPress Emergency Help & Support

Use this form only when you have a real WordPress Emergency. This form intimates us to act immediate action and notifies all our team members. The first available WordPress Expert will get back to you in moments.

Acceptable WordPress Emergency Scenarios

  • Your site has been hacked.
  • Your site shows a malware infection.
  • Your site is down.
  • You updated a theme or plugin and your site is now broken.
  • Your site is very slow affecting visitors.
  • You have lost your site with no backups and need recover from Google Cache or Archive.org
  • Your site’s password was changed and you can’t login.

Take a look at our WordPress Care plans here to see if they have a solution to your issues. If not, please fill the form below.

I still have an emergency

Stay Calm! We got your back. Please fill in the form below and one of our team members will get in touch with you shortly to rectify your issue.

  • The URL of the website that is infected
  • Please describe your issue as best as you can.